Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Always Need a Plan Z!

For the past three years I have slowly trying to build up to a large group of students to attend Camp Roadless Summer Visual and Performing Arts Camp. I have tried a variety of ways for gaining followrs who believe in the arts and who believe that real learning comes from opening the doors to our inner creative spirit.

1)Contacted someone from local group about marketing. This organization then proceeded to start a program exactly like mine.

2)Met with university professors who are in the arts and have a love for the arts.

3)Attended and currently attends various networking events throughout Tokyo.

4)Co-hosted events with other organizations within Tokyo.

5)Purchased ads in local media.

6)Sent targeted mailings to organizations that have art programs.

7)Created online accounts for twitter, facebook, and an active blog.

8)Organized art events for kids.

9)Created a meetup group that was closed by the meetup organization for unclear reasons.

10)Offer an affiliate program for small schools and groups that don't have a summer camp program.

11)Constantly promote others programs through my social networking sites.

12)Transcribed a 5 hour DVD for a friend in exchange for translation support.

Those are just a few of the things that I am and have been doing since I was possessed with this idea that a performing arts camp is more than needed in Japan.

My last plan was to use my trip home to network with principals that I met while I was a teacher in NYC. How will this networking event work with the recent media images of nuclear meltdown and fallout pervading the airwaves all over the world? Guess I am making another plan.


Mr. D said...

I believe in you, Micheala! Mr. D-

Camp said...

Thanks Mr. D!