Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SEO -Let's get it crunked!

I was searching the net looking for ways to update my sites ranking and I was tempted to start plunking down some hard earned yen to get that Site Engine Optimization up and running! Then I saw the prices!

The SEO Guy has packages starting at $795!
SemperFi Web Design has prices starting at $899 and professional rates $2,900/3 months!
NJ SEO Company has three packages with the most economical starting at $950! 
eckweb internet marketing offers the lowest price at $150/month! They offer a variety of price modules, but their website doesn't look all that great! After watching over 100 videos by Andrew Lock Marketing Maven and creator of Help!My Business Sucks! I think eckweb is listing their price packages the wrong way.

I even know of an organization here in Tokyo that is paying about 1,500 yen a day, which equals to about 45,000 JPY/month, to keep their site on the first page under certain keyword searches. That's a pretty chunk of change when you think about it. Will throwing money at the problem make a difference?
Uhh, when you are a broke entrepreneur you have NO money, but you have plenty of time!

You may be surprised to know that some people don't know what SEO means! So maybe I should go back just a bit or you should read, The Beginners Guide to SEO   by Seomoz.  This step-by-step guide is FREE! (Remember when I mentioned having NO MONEY!) Seomoz has some pricing plans if you want to skip the reading and start delving into your piggy bank, but if you want to keep yourself focused and keep money in your pocket, try reading this guide first, before you break the bank!

I found some free links for you wannabe SEO newbies (like myself)!

Before you start yelling at me in all CAPITAL letters I just want to say right now I am doing the best I can, but you can't get angry every time someone mentions this behemoth of a company. I am going to give you a hint, it starts with an 'm' and ends with a 't'.....Did you guess yet? That's right Microsoft. I told you not to yell. All of my MacBook loving friends are glaring at me right now. But Microsoft has a free download to help you optimize your website.  It's called Microsoft SEO Toolkit:

The hottest website platform is WordPress and I host my site on WordPress so I went looking for an all in one SEO optimizer through the plugins.

I won't regale you with the hours it took for me to sift through the different plugins in order to find the one that was easy to understand, but I will say I narrowed it down to SEO Design based in Chicago! Their plugin was easy to understand and offered a simple video tutorial to explain some of the first steps in using the plugin. Unlike some of the other downloads that had over 7 million installations this one was simple, clear and to the point!

I will say that my favorite on-line marketer Andrew Lock posted a video about WordPress back in December 2010.

I found another site called Link-assistant. They say they are "The Only World Standard SEO Software." If you read the SEO guide for beginners you will find out how important links are in building your site. Just be wary of companies that spam you into building links that have nothing to do with your business.

The more you hear, read, or learn about SEO you will understand that it is changing constantly based on the algorithms by Google. Fortunately, some of us don't have to worry too much about falling prey to the volatile changes of these methods. If you are a small-business owner in a niche market you may be able to remain afloat if you keep offering informative content.

Hope some of these tips helped! Please leave a comment on this blog if you agree or disagree with some of my comments. If you have great links you would like to add, feel free. You can also join my newsletter which will offer valuable tips and insight for entrepreneurs.

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