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Lost on twitter? 2 Twitter Directories to Choose From!

Can't find what you are looking for? You want to be found, but you don't know how to spread the word?
Twitter Social Directories are here! After I started this blog I found heaps of other sites that have listed blogs all the way up to the wazoo! But do you really need to know all of them? No. I am going to give you two that are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

The first on is We Follow! This is a low maintenance site. It is very easy to use! You don't have to sign in or do anything special to start using this site. As you type in key words it automatically generates the top keyword searches in your field. So let's say you are looking for summer camps for the performing arts? If you put in visual art you don't get ANY tags. However, if you put in painting, you get 805! Not bad, getting closer! Put in art and you get 9,837! That's a nice number! Now, it's not as high as Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow with over 5 million tweets, but it's a good start. Play around with We Follow and let me know what you think!
Now We Follow seems to be just a directory. I haven't received any marketing tips, email capturing or anything of that nature on their site.  However, Twellow is completely different! Twellow calls themselves "The Twitter Yellow Pages" As soon as you click on their site they offer you a free pdf download on 30 ways to increase business, they highlight their over 4.77 billion followers, and they have catchy names like Twellowhood! Twellow looks like they want to be around for the long haul. I can see this company growing by leaps and bounds. Twellow is a bit more complicated. They want to capture your email address FIRST! Then you can proceed. I can already see heaps of emails in my inbox! So let's do the same test that I did above for We Follow.I put in visual arts, looking good, 1,350 matches! I tried painting, 7,341 matches! Here is the kicker of them all the keyword art yields 105,601 matches!!!! That's humongous!

I love visuals so I made a quick and dirty chart!
We Follow
Visual arts

One thing to remember even though these numbers are pretty high, you want to add that local touch to your search.  Make sure you include your city, state, and country. This will help you find people you share common interests with, but people who live near you. That's very important if you are a small business!

One blogger, Don Reisinger said, "Twellow is a directory of Twitter users that have been placed into categories based on their profile information. It's one of the ugliest sites in this roundup."
His blog entry!
I have to disagree, I personally love it when people use bright primary colors and funny looking faces on their website.  Reisinger does admit, "But what it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in sheer size and availability of user profiles." I will agree that it is a bit cluttered, but all of these designers promoting clean sites may not have over 4.77 billion users on theirs. So don't judge a site by gaudy, tacky colors!

I must admit, this blog is about resources that I find and that I want to share with you! So it may seem this is an old topic, but after I discovered We Follow, I did a quick search for other directories and I found blogs  written by other bloggers on the same subject. I don't plan to go through all of them. I like We Follow's simple format. I feel like Twellow will be sending me emails non-stop. But with the sheer volume of choices it seems like a great place to be! I'm only offering you two choices. It's kind of like when you go to The Cheesecake Factory and they have so many options but can only really eat one thing.  Check out these links if you have time, but my bet is after you look at two extremes, you'll be able to make a more informed decision!
By the way, I just discovered this today, don't hate me cuz' I'm late to the party. Love me, cuz' at least I made it!

Here are the links to the other bloggers!
Now, this list gets ridiculous!

Top 8 Twitter Directories

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Find'Em On Twitter: 15 Twitter Directories Compared

20 Twitter Directories to Find More Friends

21 Twitter Directories and Follow Finders to Expand Your Twittersphere (Uh, this one is way too long!)

I told you it's ridiculous! I didn't read all of these, I did my own search and I'm offering you two! Who has time to search over 56 directories with unavoidable overlap?

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