Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Twitter Beware!

If you are funny, get on twitter!
If you have free stuff, get on twitter!
If you have information to share, get on twitter
If you like constantly reading, get on twitter!

But beware! Everyone has heard about the hoopla that twitter has caused in the online world. Recently, I started increasing the amount of tweets that I make @camproadless. I went from one an hour to about twelve a day within two hours.  That may not sound like a lot and it isn't, but I have seen increased traffic. At first, I was super excited! Wow! More followers, but on closer examination about 10 of them are internet marketers.  I have received invitations to buy gold, SEO services, and traffic boosting programs that only cost $699 or something ridiculous like that!

Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad in twitter land, but it is good to know that you shouldn't follow everyone that follows you.  As a full time teacher, in order to increase my twitter presence I use Social Oomph! I have read quite a few articles denouncing the use of sites that pre-record your tweets, but I have to think about my students first. I could sit at the desk and tweet away, but what would that accomplish?

3 of the Biggest Drawbacks to Automated Tweets

1. Automatic following stream- If you click on the automatically follow button, you are destined to start following fx traders, online marketers, and other junk mail pushers.  Now, maybe you want to follow these people, but if they aren't your target audience, your twitter feed will just be full of unnecessary information.

2.@somebody - It's possible that it's the free plan with Social Oomph, but as of right now you can not schedule messages to people.  Why would you want to do that?  Well, after I check my twitter feed, I read other tweets by people and if I see something interesting I want to respond to it. Unfortunately, you can't tell them, great article. I know twitter is about connecting in real-time, but if someone posts a great article, it doesn't matter if I read on Tuesday or Thursday.

3. Spam- In all of my accounts especially youtube and twitter, I have tons of emails that ask me to be their "friend", follow or check out their new product.  It's a bit of a turn-off, but it informs me on how I should interact with others on-line. 

3 Biggest Gains from Automated Tweets

1.  Consistent tweets that are informative and targeted- I can focus on a day about music, dance, or singing.  I know when I am thinking of information to share with others that I am providing a consistent theme for those who are reading my tweets.

2. Manageable -the websites store your tweets and allows you to edit your content before you send it out.  Sometimes I will look at my tweet stream and notice that the dates are wrong or the link doesn't match what I wrote.  I can always clean up my mess.

3.Possibility of systematizing - This is a great way to learn how to systematize your own business. When you are looking to hire someone who can maintain your companies online image, you can start to determine how many tweets a day are feasible, what type of content works for your intended audience, and how long it actually takes to do a good job.

What site do you use for your automated tweets?  Are you using twitter? How? Have you seen an increase in potential clients?

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