Tuesday, January 25, 2011

There is no such thing as procrastination!

That's right, I said  it! Procrastination really doesn't exist. It's just misplaced energy. Why? As entrepreneurs when we have a project to complete, then we keep moving quickly and decisively.  We plow through any and all obstacles ensuring that our project will be successful. We are working towards a goal and we won't stop until we hit our target.  There are moments of indecision, but not procrastination!  Usually, I'm asking myself,  What's next? What do I need to do now?  Here a few quick tips to help you move forward:

1) Change something! Anything! Your clothes, perfume, your chair. Just make a change. If you have been reading nothing but biographies, financial statements, press releases and self-help books, it's time for a change. Pick up some good ole' fashion trash. Go to a discount bookstore and buy a book for a dollar and read it, then throw it away.  This will get your mind off of your business for a bit and help you laugh a little. If that's too much excitement for you, then switch your industry up a bit. Let's say you are focused only on service industry businesses, read a marketing book from a tech company.  Switching your industry focus will give you fresh eyes to your own company and will help you see it differently.

2) Look at your business from a different perspective.  If you are doing the majority of the sales for your business, imagine you are the company accountant looking at your sales report.  What will your accountant say when she notices an expensive lunch with a client that didn't buy?   Or imagine you are the janitor in your business, what ways could you improve the facility, upkeep, and operations.  Making mental switches with your entire staff will allow you to refocus on what is important and take into consideration all of the voices on your team, (not the one in your head).

3) Let's say you are  married, imagine your business from your spouse's perspective or even think about your children.  Do you eat, sleep and breathe your business? Do you use your children as advertisements? Do you think that going to your kids game will get you a seat at the table with your potential clients? Has your family become tools to success instead of keys to long lasting happiness?

4) If you think you are procrastinating, start making it a practice to write everyday. You may want to stagger this process. For instance, consider writing about something for 10 minutes at a time. You may think that's not a long time, but if you are not in the habit of writing, then it may take time to get used to it.
Once you build your stamina, you can start writing more things about your business or responses to things that you may have read.  Either way, writing your thoughts out can motivate you and allow you to work out ideas before you speak about them.

5) Go on vacation. Now, you may think, I'm starting a business, I don't have time for vacation. Take one anyway. A vacation doesn't have to be to a far off place, it could be a nice drive to a town you have never been to. You can pretend to be a tourist. Go to your local library and pick up a guide book for your city and explore.

6) Find things to laugh at.  Laughter relaxes your mind and body.  Personally, there are some videos on youtube that I can watch repeatedly and laugh. If I am in a rut, I may watch one of those to clear my mind.  One thing about youtube, it can be used as a procrastination device, so beware!

7) Play this song and you'll be fine!

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