Friday, October 1, 2010

Help my business sucks!!!! Great webTV!

This is the BESTEST TV show I have seen on the web!!!!!  I can't begin to say enough about Andrew Lock.  I found his show completely by accident. I went onto iTunes and I typed in m"marketing tips". Quite a few names came up, universities, the usual fanfare.  However, the catchy looking logo that said, "Help My Business Sucks!" screamed out to me. How could I not click on that catchy icon? 

That one click has changed my life.  Andrew Lock offers one tip after another that just blows my mind.  He has links, free information and more.  Andrew started this webcast in 2008, so I'm a few years behind.  Fortunately, he hasn't deleted his earlier episodes. I have started watching from episode 1.  I keep a notebook next to me and while I learn, I jot down notes and ideas. 

One of his ideas that has me dizzy with possibilities, is his episode about business cards. In Japan, a business card is your lifeline.  Everywhere you go, people carry a "meishi".  There are books written on the right way to exchange "meishi" with others.  There is a lot of bowing and so on, but what I started to realize was that I had a stack of cards that I haven't really used. I have sent people follow-up emails, notes, etc. But what can you really say to someone that you just gave a card to, chatted with for a minute and then went on your way?

Well, Andrew offers a great idea, instead of giving out your business card, why not give the person a copy of your book, a recent article you wrote for a magazine, a CD/DVD, or anything that provides them with information.  I love this idea!!!! I thought I was doing something by adding my picture to my business cards. Once again, that's really nothing new.  When I was selling for a home parties business, they often told us to give women a pendant that said, "Happy Mothers's Day" or "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" along with your business card. The women may wear the pendant or at least remember that you were kind enough to give them something that supports a cause.  All of these different types of information allows people to remember you more for what information you have to offer, than what you are selling. 

Andrew provides links to free online image sites like, offers tips on how to draw traffic to your website, and even how to get speaking gigs. The best thing about it is that most of his content is user generated.  We can ask him questions and get top notch tips for free!!!

Andrew often says that his show is better than an MBA, I agree. His tips are real and can easily be put to use. 

I wanted to add the clips to this entry, but I was unable to.  Instead look at one of the episodes underneath this blog. 

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