Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Minding Your Business

"Many people confuse their profession with their business,” says Robert Kiyosaki. “To become financially secure people need to mind their own business.” (Kiyosaki)

When we were kids we used to always say, "mind your business" or "This is an A and B conversation, you need to 'C' your way out!" All of those phrases were clever ways of telling people to leave.  I re-read the Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki this past week.  Towards the end of the book he retells the story of why he needed to mind his own business. He wrote about a conflict that he had at work with his supervisor.  He continued to have conflict with his superior because he felt that his superior wasn't doing what he should do to advance the company.  Kiyosaki looked at himself and realized he was projecting onto his boss what he was afraid to do on his own. 

This chapter hit me with a strong blow. I immediately related his tale of woe to my own day job.  I have a deep conflict with my superiors inability to move forward on a more aggressive marketing campaign. We just returned from a long holiday and I tried to promise myself not to get emotionally involved in the operations of my E Quadrant position.  (E Quadrant= Employee Position) However, I couldn't help it. I can see the potential and it disturbs me that as a company my E Quadrant hasn't moved forward. At the end of the day, I sat down on the train and read, "mind your business".  "To become financially secure people need to mind their own business." (Kiyosaki)

What does minding your business look like?

If you are minding your business then you are actively looking for ways to expand your net worth.  You are checking your house and making sure you plug up the leaky roof. Here are some baby steps you can take towards your goal:
1. Complete your own Financial Statement
2. Set your Financial Goals
3. Set your Personal Goals
4. Create your 5 Year Plan

What does minding your business sound like?

1. How can I pay down my outstanding debt and become financially free?
2. How can I create an additional $150-$200 a month to invest or pay down outstanding debt?
3. I will delay gratification on things that I don't need and learn to plan for those that I do.
4. I am building towards becoming financially free.

What does minding your business feel like?

1. I feel confident in knowing where I am and where I am going.
2. I am financially intelligent.
3. I am focused and assured that I will reach and surpass my goals.
4. I am at peace knowing that I am not hiding from the truth, but I am embracing it and moving forward.

I have a new mantra and it's taken on a new meaning, "Mind my business." If you see me muttering, don't worry, I'm just minding my business.

Now, here are some words from a familiar face


lauren said...

This post was soooo helpful! thanks a ton. I have a lot of refocusing to do! Do you know what mastermind is? I would love to have you in a mastermind group? I know you are so busy but...

Also it would be awesome to have you in the few small biz group!

Roadless Wandering said...

Thanks Lauren, I just read this message. I tried to join a mastermind a while ago. I will participate in FEW. I saw some of the upcoming events and I will be there.