Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Isolation and balance- How do you manage both?

 Mitchum has launched a new marketing scheme focusing on real Americans. This series of videos captures the real-life motivations of people who are doing what they love.  The star of this video, Micki Krimmel was insightful! There were two take-aways from this video, isolation and balance. How do you manage both? 
As entrepreneurs we are constantly trying to push our ideas and our vision.  We are trying to find ways to live on our own terms while providing a service to the public.  This focus driven desire creates a form of isolation. Many of the people you talk to or encounter may not understand your drive. They may even deter you with "helpful" comments like: 
You should just work and do this part-time.  
You need more money!  
Are you qualified enough to do this? 
You really should go to business school? 
Why don't you just apply for a job with the government?

Or you get companies that prey on your desire to succeed. My inbox is filled with messages like:
M, Why The Secret doesn't work!
M, Make $30,000 a day! I'll tell you how!
Network Marketing, it's good enough for Robert Kiyosaki
Are you allowing procrastination to stop you?

The comments from well-intended friends and serious direct marketing campaigns can add a lot of doubt, but working towards your goal has to go beyond this. They always say, look at the five people you talk to the most. What are they doing? If they aren't doing anything, neither will you. To end this isolation start seeking like-minded individuals. I know for a fact that members from my Mastermind Group, Sequoia Entrepreneurs Group, and  organizers for The Tofu Chitlin' Circuit are instrumental in abating my feelings of isolation. We are all focused on our dream!

The second key message was balance. I like how Micki Krimmel has two things in her life, roller derby and  Neighbor Goods.    This made me think, what two things am I focused on? Time to re-evaluate. I think I'm going to start taking note of what I'm doing and if my actions are geared towards my end goal. What's most important to me? 

Why don't you tell me how you maintain balance and stave off feelings of isolation?


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ReelAphro said...

I really liked this blog post for so many reasons. First the isolation is something I think about all the time. Isolation and clutter. LOL! I think that sometimes, when I'm by myself it's difficult. I realized that I have to find people that are in my corner, as well, that are driven like me. Outside of you of course. This was inspirational. Thanks kid!