Friday, April 9, 2010

Quitters win more often!

Go ahead! Do something! Quit! You can do it! Just imagine a group of people chanting your name and telling you to quit! Quit! Quit! Quit! Quit! It's like a never ending chant. It's just this time, when you quit, you aren't jumping to your imminent demise, you are jumping toward freedom!

Are you surprised by that? Don't be! I was thinking about quitters the other day. I'll tell you a story. My sister is not a quitter. She learned how to play the flute well enough to play all the way through college.  She probably could have played longer if she had listened to more Bobbie Humphrey! However, her older sister, that's me, quit everything. I played piano for a few years, then I quit. Then I went towards the clarinet and I quit. Then I learned to play the trumpet and I quit. I also picked up the viola, which I stuck with for a while, but when it became difficult, I quit. college life pretty much mirrored this same pattern. I had about 5 or 6 different majors before I was cleverly guided into a program that I had enough credits for. So, I'm a quitter, but not a good one.
I quit things just because I couldn't withstand the dip. The dip is what Seth Godin refers to as "the common sinkhole that trips up so many people" (The Dip, 4). If I get to the point where it's a little like work, then I'll quit.

Starting my own business has really tested the quitter in me. Can I withstand this constant battle with web developers, sales, event marketing, etc.?  Godin has a pretty good answer for this, "The dip is where success happens"(23). If I can withstand the dip, then I'm on my way to success. Growth doesn't happen overnight, but when the going gets rough lean into the patch. If the outcome of your success is worth more than this feeling of quitting, then keep working at it. So me, the big sister, is going to listen to my younger sister and keep at it.

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ReelAphro said...

I really needed to hear this testimonial. I'm super late and sometimes an inattentive sister but I appreciate this message. Little sisters learn a lot from big sisters though-how to tie their shoes, what a "penis" is and how to fake like you're sleeping-after laughing hysterically at something their big sister said-when your mom checks in on you at night. But you're right, quitting does open the doors for opportunities. I don't consider quitting a bad thing-it's like sampling. You sampled a lot of different interests until you found one that stuck. Kudos to you!