Monday, April 26, 2010

3 on 3

What were you doing right before you watched this clip?  Were you creating a newsletter? Organizing your business contacts?  Were you reading up on the latest strategies in management?  You weren't? Then what were you doing?

One thing that is important about building a business is action! What actions are you taking to move forward? Are you planning on organizing an event or is it planned? Are you thinking about meeting someone or is it scheduled? What actions have you taken today to move forward?

James Ray talks about action and being driven! Drive yourself towards success! Push yourself even when you're tired. It's one thing to think about doing something and it's another to do it.

Sometimes it seems like, I'm not moving forward, but it's simple things that keep me in perspective. For example, yesterday I played Cashflow and I was able to meet some interesting people. They have a knowledge base that I don't. They understand the system behind bringing new businesses in Japan. I learned a lot yesterday.  I didn't create a newsletter or write a proposal, but my mind was moving forward.This new knowledge has guided me into thinking about my business plan in a different way. I can tweak some things to add longevity. Their input framed some key ideas that  I was thinking about. Now, I can do them!

Let's move!

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