Friday, March 12, 2010

Twiddling Your Thumbs!

Twiddle dee dee! Twiddle dee dum! Twiddling my thumbs until they're numb!

There is a trap that's blocking you from success! Just look down at those darn thumbs! It's so easy to allow  outside forces to stop you from moving forward. The other evening I had a quick catch up with a fellow entrepreneur. We spoke about our current projects and how we would like to work on integrating our ideas in the future. While I was reviewing some of the projects that I have been working on, I noticed that I hadn't completed a few items that I thought I had addressed. What have I been doing with my thumbs?

As entrepreneurs it's easy to imagine that we are working on a project, but in actuality we are fooling ourselves. It's imperative that we stomp our foot through the floor and feel every splinter, because it's time for a wake up call!

Let's look at what we are twiddling our thumbs over!

Networking Events

Are you a networking junkie? Do you  have more cards in your Rolodex than customers? Or since we are in Tokyo are you carrying a Poken and hoping to share news of your latest business venture to someone who is trying to sell to you?  If so, these are some things you need to think about:

  1. What's the purpose of this networking event?
  2. Why are you going?
  3. Will you know 50%-70% of the people there?
  4. What's your sales pitch?
  5. How many new people do you plan to meet?
  6. Set a time limit. "I will stay for two hours and leave promptly at 10PM."
Examine your intentions and make a plan before attending a "networking event," Then you will be able to ascertain whether or not you should stay. Remember, every minute that you spend chatting with other people in the same position as you, prohibits you from meeting potential customers.

Business Meetings
Having a meeting is the supreme smoke screen. You think you are doing something because you had a meeting, but what did you really do?
Every time someone asks you to join a meeting, think about a few things:

  1. What's the agenda?  
  2. What's your purpose?  
  3. What new things will you learn? 
  4. What are the next steps?
    If you attend a meeting and those questions can't be answered, feign illness, begin to cough uncontrollably, create a fake asthma attack, whatever you do, GET OUT!
    There's no sense in wasting time meeting with people who will drain your energy.

    You read correctly, reading can be a serious time waster. If you are reading for pleasure that's fine. We all need to relax and have a laugh or two. If you are reading a book about business, then make sure it's worth it. Here are few guiding questions before you hit the library!

    1. Is the writer someone who is respected in your field?
    2. Is this book relevant to your current progress or will you need to address these concerns in the near future?
    3. Has it been said before? How many other writer's have said the same thing and used the exact same quotes?
    4. What new information did you learn after you read the first chapter?
    Don't be afraid to put a book down if it bores you or you don't see the point in continuing to read it. Don't worry if this person is supposed to be the best in the world, if you are tired of hearing the author's voice put the book down. Completing a book about business does not offer a direct correlation to future success.  Knowing when to put it down and to work on your business will!!!

    Networking, meetings, and reading can stop you from your end goal! Get focused and put those thumbs to work!

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