Friday, January 22, 2010

Gurus and mentors aren't hiding under a bush!

Meeting someone who knows what steps to take in starting a business may be a bit tricky to navigate.  Fortunately, there is help! Meet Terrie Lloyd, creator of over 14 businesses, owner of Metropolis, Japan's No 1 English Magazine, and guru. Terrie's goal is to  change Japan from the outside in. He believes that the value of the foreign perspective can change Japan for the better.  This isn't a plan of world domination, Terrie's sees the possibilities of developing a successful business in Japan.  He understands that some Japanese companies can't accept change unless it comes from outside the box. By virtue of the fact that you are a foreigner you are outside that box.

In October 2009, a friend and I went to Terrie Lloyd's seminar, Building a Business in Japan.  I went to the meeting with a vague plan, some ideas, and a strong desire to make a change.  To be honest, when it comes right down to it, I was a blank slate. My friend on the other hand had already tasted success during the dotcom years and was looking for a way to get back into the game, this time in a different time zone.  He's already making moves at his own business! Check it out!  Anyway, back to Terrie!

Building a Business in Japan was for the beginner and the intermediate. This seminar was full of valuable tips on perspective, organization and motivation.  For the more advanced players in this field, Terrie could probably field questions on a variety of hurdles that may stand in your way. His talk was fueled with anecdotes from other entrepreneurs in Japan. He interlaced their tales of success and failures with his own making this more of a firsthand account of where to start in business.  Terrie was straightforward and direct about his views on working with Japanese companies, people, and media. 

If you have checked out the recent editions of Metropolis you may have noticed and ad for his upcoming seminar, Entrepreneur's Handbook SeminarTerrie isn't offering me any kickbacks in mentioning this, but I thought I'd do what I've been telling a few friends to do, GO! But first a disclaimer, Terrie may not be the person who is your mentor, but he's a good start. As someone who has sent him a few emails about my own beginnings, and they may be mundane, he has always responded respectfully.

The Proof is in the Pudding:
Terrie's longevity in Japan has been revealed to me in ways that I never expected. Remember my friend with the technology company?  Well, after going to the seminar he met a friend who contacted Terrie about a job. Terrie didn't know this guy, he was living in Yamaguchi and had never been to Tokyo, but was looking to make a change. Do you know Terrie helped him?  He didn't get him a job, but he gave him valuable information and steps to take.

Chance Encounter:
I know an Indian family who has been here for over 15 years.  They invited me to dinner over the holidays. While we were talking I mentioned Terrie's name, do you know the husband was interviewed by Terrie? He  said, Terrie helped him move to Japan when the internet was young, over 15 years ago. Now this man didn't know why I went to a Terrie Lloyd seminar, he had nothing to gain from making that connection, but he did have positive things to say.  Random conversations and the invaluable information that I learned at his seminar are keeping me stay on the grind. Success is possible, just take a step!

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